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Rules & Regulation

  • Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory at all level. Poor attendance will not be entertained to appear at the examination.
  • Use of Mobile phones, Pagers, Cameras, etc., are prohibited inside the campus, during College hours, from 10am to 4pm. If found in contravention, they will be confiscated.
  • Smoking and consumption of pan is prohibited inside the campus. Consumption of any intoxicants or drugs are totally prohibited, and will lead to immediate dismissal from the University.
  • Students should display their Identity Card prominently, while they are within the campus and while travelling in the University bus. The security staff will not permit any student inside the campus without their identity card.
  • Test Examination will be held to allow the students to appear at the Council or University Examination.
  • LIBRARY : Students will be provided Identity Card. They can borrow books on the basis of Identity Card and return after two books.
  • Annual Games & Sports function is held every year. College team participates in the University Games & Sports Functions and successful player / candidate are awarded with medals & prizes.
  • Cultural Programs: Cultural Programs are held in the college from time to time, under which Debet, Music, Painting, Essay and Speech competition are held. Also College team participating in the cultural Programs of the University.
  • NSS: The college has a unit of NSS recommended by the University. Dr Birendra Pandey is the Programme Officer of the unit.
  • Hostel: The college provides two different hostels Ambedkar Hostel for SC and ST students & UGC Hostel for all other student(s). Students from distance area can avail the hostel facilities.
  • Scholarship / Free-ship facility: is provided to poor and Meritorious students. This facility is given to only 12.5% students of the college. This facility is not given to students who get scholarship or financial help from other sources. SC, ST & OBC students get scholarship from Welfare Department. For this students have to fill in the prescribed form and submit in the college enclosing Caste, Income, & Residential certificates.
    The college aims at to make the students disciplined and a man of character along with educational development. To obey the rules and regulations of the college administration is the moral duty of the college family. All the students of the college are described to look at the notice board compulsorily and regularly.