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Course of study

Syllabus of 11th and 12th (Arts)

Compulsory subjects

  • NRB Hindi – 50 marks
  • Either one of English or Urdu – 50 marks
  • In following languages one is compulsory which is of 100 marks i.e. English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit, Pali

Alternative Subjects:

In the following groups one is to select:

  • Political science, History, Economics.
  • Economics, History,  Philosophy, Psychology, Home Sc.,
  • History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography.

 Syllabus of 11th and 12th (Science)

Compulsory subjects

  • NRB Hindi – 50 marks
  • Either one of English or Urdu – 50 marks
  • One is compulsory to study among the following languages of 100 marks: Hindi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit, Pali.

Alternative Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Biology.

Note: Students of Biology can study  Mathematics as an extra subject.


For admission in B.A. & B.Sc.  and B.ComHonours Courses, it is essential to pass Intermediate in Science or Arts or Commerce. Minimum 45% marks  in respective honours subjectis essential to opt Honours. Students who passed Intermediate Science in second division may get admission in honours subject in Arts Or Commerce.



B.A. Honours (Part – I):

Compulsory Subjects:           (1) R. B. Hindi – 100 marks

(2) Hindi – 50 marks, Urdu – 50 marks (for Non Hindi)

Honours Subjects (Arts):

Political science, Economics, History, Psychology, Philosophy, English, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Pali and Home Sc.

  1. B. Sc. HonoursPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany & Zoology.

Students related to Science faculty can opt any one subject as a Honours and two subjects as a subsidiary which they have already studied in Intermediate Courses.

B.Com Hons. : Students who have studied I.Com and I.Sc and have passed with second division can offer B.Com Hons.

Some new faculties are to be started from Session 2016: (1) BCA             (2) BBA                

Students are to get their admission form checked thoroughly so that there remains not any mistake.